In the Vineyard
  In line with the corporate production strategy, the activity in the field is supported from the vines plantation and vineyard growth, with special attention to the landscape architecture and the idro-geological steadiness. We endeavor to choose the most suitable grape cultivars and proper clones, we advise on vineyard production, modern training systems and pruning techniques . A substantial target is to establish the right period of harvest, looking for the perfect ripeness of grapes.
- Improve efficiency to lower production costs
  - Grape quality for wine making is always better in old vineyards; so it’s necessary to apply non - intrusive pruning techniques, to make vines’ life longer.
  - Precision farming technology using satellite positioning systems (GPS) for crop managing
  - Low environmental impact techniques, environmental footprint control
  - Integrated and organic vine growing
  - Sustainable agriculture and soil conservation (SoCo) tecniques, in compliance with the SoCo Project of the European Union.
- Zero - residue agricultural techniques.
- Special pruning techniques for “bad temper” cultivars like Nebbiolo
- Special crop managing, proper for warm climates
"The geological matrix is the soul of the soil: its Knowledge is fondamental to forecast the future upcoming wine."